Welcome to our
Home Board of Directors
Our mission:

To provide the resources necessary to
feed the hungry throughout Sweetwater
County, to support our staff and
volunteers, to raise awareness of our
program in the community, to ensure
accountability to our supporters and
The offices are located in the Rock Springs Food Bank.
The famous "Food Bank" van that has been used in Parade floats and transporting food for the Green
River site and other programs.
Food Bank of Sweetwater County History

The doors of the Green River Food Pantry opened on February 17, 1987.  
At the time, donations of food and time were relied on to ensure distribution,
and only non-perishable (mostly canned) foods were able to be accepted.
The average amount of food distributed was 20 pounds per month for each

There was a major fire in Rock Springs in December 1989, and it was
necessary to find a new location.  
With the help of the City of Rock Springs,
and the late Ray Lovato,
a Community Development Block Grant was awarded for the purchase and
renovation of the current facility at 90 Center Street.

Later that year, United Way's task force on hunger began looking into the
need for food assistance county-wide. United Way became a financial
partner in the operation of a county-wide food assistance program.

The first 'official' day for food distribution was held in January of 1988.  

Small pantries also became part of the program in Reliance and Superior.  
Superior's pantry closed in 1997 and Reliance's in 1989. The Food Bank
started with a small amount of food, and small grants for part-time help to
plan and purchase food.  There were no guidelines, rules, or laws to define
how to run an accountable program.  All procedures were developed, tried,
and tested.
The Food Bank Now

United Way of Southwest Wyoming is the major
supporter of our operational expenses. The
Food Bank also has a board of Directors that
review, adhere to laws, and oversee the Food
Bank operations. There is now 1 Executive
Director and 3 part time workers at the food

The average amount of food distributed is 60
pounds per month for each household.

Rock Springs on average serves 300-400
families a month, and Green River serves
100-200 .
There are walk-in coolers and freezers at each
site to be able to accept and distribute meat,
bakery, and produce.

The client number has increased so much that
food has to be purchased by the pallet through
grants. Of the food distributed about 50% is
purchased, 25% is donated by our generous
community, and 25% is USDA TEFAP
(Government Commodities).
When hunger
so will we.

90 Center Street
Rock Springs, WY  
(307) 382-7332
(307) 875-9600
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