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Where does the
food come from?
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About Us...
Food is donated by schools, government surplus,
churches, distributors, private entities,local
businesses,and public food drives and private donations.

Food is also donated and purchased from Wyoming Food
Bank of the Rockies..

USDA (government commodities) are also donated

Food is also picked up at the local stores by the Food
Bank of Sweetwater County, through the Grocery Rescue
Program with Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies and
Feeding America.
Our major support for operational expenses comes from
United Way of Southwest Wyoming.

City of Rock Springs provides the building and pays for our
utilities at the Rock Springs Food Bank.

Sweetwater County provides the building and pays the
utilities at the Green River Food Pantry.

Sweetwater County also provides in-kind support to Food
Bank of Sweetwater County.

One major grant that is received each year for the Green
River Food Pantry is from the City of Green River.

Grants are always being researched and applied for by the
We use TEFAP guidelines, due to the commodities that
we recieve from them to qualify those who need food,
but we never turn anyone away.