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Jennifer Baker:
Board Chair
Cynthia Kaler:
Angela Adams:
Board of Directors
The voluntary Board of Directors of the Food Bank of
Sweetwater County is responsible for the oversight
of the operations of the program.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Developing policies covering
operation, management, program and personnel activities. Making sure the
program has facilities, staff and material resources to accomplish the mission of
the program. The Board is responsible for the financial activities of the
organization and for hiring the Executive Director and all other ancillary
employees. The Board then delegates to him/her the authority to administer the
ongoing operations. The Board must assure itself that all federal, state and local
laws are obeyed.
Not currently pictured-
Jason McFadden: Secretary
Sherry Moreno: Board Member

Connie Heuck: Board Member
Cami Hansen:
Board Member